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In the Tenth Five Year Plan, CSIR had adopted a new approach in the selection and implementation of R&D projects in its constituent laboratories. The emphasis was on networking of resources and capabilities of the constituent laboratories in multi-disciplinary areas and seek substantial increases in value through inputs of S&T. These networked projects essentially aimed at target oriented core R&D projects and building of capabilities and facilities.


During the XII Five Year Plan CSIR-IITR is participating in the following projects:

S.No.  Project Name Principal Investigator Nodal Lab
1 Integrated NextGen approaches in health, disease and environmental toxicity (INDEPTH) Dr. Devendra Parmar CSIR-IITR
2 Nanomaterials: Applications and Impact on Safety, Health and Environment (NanoSHE) Dr. D. Kar Chowdhuri CSIR-IITR
3 Advance Drug Delivery System (ADD) Dr. Y. Shukla CSIR-IICT
4 New Approaches Towards Understanding of Disease Dynamics and to Accelerate Drug-Discovery (UNDO) Dr. D. Kar Chowdhuri CSIR-CDRI
5 Bioprospection of plant resources and other natural products (BioprosPR) Dr. Poonam Kakkar CSIR-NBRI
6 Neurodegenerative diseases: Causes and Corrections (miND) Dr. M.P. Singh CSIR-IICB
7 Evaluation of Molecular Mechanism of Dermal Toxicity of Benzanthrone based Dye Intermediates used in Textile Industries: Prevention by Ascorbic Acid (TOUCH) Dr. K.M. Ansari CSIR-IGIB
8 Centre for BIOtherapeutic Molecule Discovery (BIODISCOVERY) Dr. N. Manickam CSIR-IMTECH
9 CSIR Knowledge Gateway and Open Source Private Cloud Infrastructure (KNOWGATE) Mr. Nikhil Garg CSIR-NISCAIR
10 Genomics and Informatics Solutions for Integrating Biology (GENESIS) Dr. Shailedra Gupta/ Dr Y. Shukla CSIR-IMT
11 Medicinal Chemistry for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (MEDCHEM) Dr. Rajnish Chaturvedi CSIR-IIIM
12 Measurement Innovation in Science & Technology (MIST) Dr. R.C. Murthy CSIR-NPL
13 Clean Water: Sustainable Options Dr. Satyakam Patnaik CSIR-NEERI


During the XI Five Year Plan CSIR-IITR is participating in the following projects:

Supra Institutional Project

  • Investigative Toxicology: New Paradigms.

  • This is an inter-laboratory project to conduct research on "Current Aspects of Toxicology".

Networked Projects

  • Environmental Contaminants: New Screening Technologies and Effect on Human Health.
  • Plasma Proteomics: Health, Environment and Disease.
  • Establishment of genetically modified foods referral facility.
  • Exploitation of India's rich microbial diversity.
  • Remediation/ecorestoration and cleanup of contaminated sites, water sources and groundwater.
  • Development of diagnostics and target based molecular medicines against allergy, bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Validation of identified screening models and development of new alternative models for evaluation of new drug entities.
  • Nanomaterials and nanodevices for applications in health and disease.
  • Discovery and preclinical studies of new bioactive molecules (natural and semi synthetic) and traditional preparations.
  • Advancement in metrology.
  • Sustainable development and management of water resources in different problematic terrains.
  • Newer scientific herbal preparations for Global positioning.
  • Comprehensive Traditional Knowledge Digital Library.

Amongst these, CSIR-IITR is the Nodal Laboratory for `Environmental Contaminants: New Screening Technologies and Effect on Human Health' Project and it is a Participating Laboratory in the other Projects.

During the X Five Year Plan CSIR-IITR participated in the following projects:

Networked Projects

  • Animal Models and Animal Substitute Technologies.
  • Asthma and Allergy Disorder Mitigation Mission Programme.
  • Comprehensive Traditional Knowledge Digital Library.
  • Development of Techniques and Methodologies for Exploration Assessment & Management of Groundwater in Hard Rock Areas.
  • Discovery, Development and Commercialization of New Bioactives and Traditional Preparations.
  • Establishing an Advanced Facility for Safety Evaluation of Genetically Modified/Engineered Drugs.
  • Industrial Waste Minimization and Clean up.
  • Newer Scientific Herbal Preparations for Global Positioning.
  • Physico Mechanical and Electrical & Electronic Standards.
  • Pollution Monitoring, Mitigation Systems and Devices.
  • Predictive Medicine using Repeat and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms.
  • Toxicogenomics of Genetic Polymorphism in Indian Population to Industrial Chemicals for the Development of Biomarkers.

Amongst these, CSIR-IITR was the Nodal Laboratory for `Toxicogenomics of Genetic Polymorphism in Indian Population to Industrial Chemicals for the Development of Biomarkers' Project and it was a Participating Laboratory in the other Projects.