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Quick Hire Scheme @ CSIR-IITR


CSIR-IITR is a unique, valuable and internationally competitive organization meeting global challenges. With over four decades of expertise, manpower and knowledgebase in toxicology research, the institute conducts research in niche areas of toxicology such as - Environmental Toxicology; Food, Drug & Chemical Toxicology; Regulatory Toxicology; Nanotherapeutics and Nanomaterial toxicology and Systems Toxicology & Health Risk Assessment.


CSIR-IITR welcomes bright, innovative and dedicated researcher(s) to undertake challenging R&D programme(s) in niche areas of toxicology under Quick Hire Programme which is open throughout the year.


Interested candidate(s) is/are requested to send his/her/their CV along with three references to the Director of the institute (director[at]iitrindia[dot]org) and is/are welcome to visit the institute to deliver lecture and to interact with the R&D staff.


The candidate(s) will have to appear before a committee for his/her/their selection in this scheme. Terms and conditions of joining this scheme will be as per CSIR guidelines.